by Sirla

Kuldmuna (The Golden Egg) is an award to recognize the most creative advertising, design, event, and communication solutions in Estonia. It’s been awarded for 21 years and counting. It’s what all the design and communication agencies are after, so they can decorate their offices with the funky looking egg trophies. This time our team here at SprayPrinter received a bronze Kuldmuna egg for a mural we did to put up on our office wall. That leads to a question: what exactly is the product we are offering? Is it just a mural printing service or something more?

Mihkel and Henry unpacking The Eggs

We received this award for a project we did for Tartu Uus Teater, an Estonia theater originally based in Tartu. We did two murals one in Tartu and a second one in Narva. The goal was to bring attention to their summer play Kremli Ööbikud, which took place in Narva, and boost ticket sales through that.

Almost finished mural in Narva with Albert the robot muralist climbing on the wall

We started from scratch by finding the walls and getting the permissions to do the murals. Quite often our clients do not have a wall of their own, so we provided the location as well. We have a collection of donated walls where the owners have given us permission to create art on them. Since the walls are donated to us, it means that we have the total freedom to use the space how we want and the owner can’t control what will be depicted. In return for trusting us, we promise that it will be an artistic mural without any commercial messaging and the artwork will be complimentary. And it will give a new look to the whole neighbourhood.

The original painting by Elina Kasesalu 

For the mural we scaled a painting by Elina Kasesalu to the size of huge wall and as a conscious choice did not add any commercial messaging to the image. The only additional element was the theater’s logo in the bottom corner. The painting depicts Jaak Joala – a famous Estonian singer from the Soviet era, who is the main character of the play. The same image was used everywhere in communicating the summer play – on posters, tickets, online marketing, and social media. This way the mural was kept connected with the main initiative – selling the theater  tickets for the play. To boost the marketing effect, a video was made from the process of creating the mural which gained a lot of media attention. Reuters, one of the leading news agencies in the world, even came to Narva to cover this. It was the biggest mural done with the SprayPrinter robot muralist – 52×36 feet (16×11 m) and everyone was talking about how the new mural in town was made with a crazy robot. The play not only sold out, but it was the biggest event in the history of Tartu Uus Teater theater.

Our product isn’t the robot. It’s the mural on the wall, the message it spreads, and the attention the robot muralist gains spreading that message. What’s one message you would like to spread if you could print a giant mural in the middle of any city? Let us know what message you would share and where at in the comments. We would be really interested to find out.

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