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I am Richard, co-founder and CEO of SprayPrinter. The technology we have created is a powerful tool for spreading wide our ideas and messages. It is very important for us to define our company’s values before scaling up the impact.


How we roll:

SprayPrinter is engineered for art. For me, the definition of art is creative energy in action. Our mission is to give new power to good intent. We wish to see our environment through creative energy in action.


Listed below are paradigm shifts that are already taking place but could be amplified.


The spirit follows common sense through love


Every human being has good intent deep down. Humanity is reaching a phase where the main tool, operating energy, is love. Eventually everyone wants what’s good for themselves, but also for others. The definition of good varies among people, which is why some acts could be perceived as not benevolent. When all details are stripped away, compassion can be found in every act, person and situation.

Greed, which has played a significant role in becoming successful for so many years, is an old and ugly energy form that doesn’t serve humanity anymore. Or at least, it shouldn’t. In the future, greed and envy are not acceptable tools for achieving welfare. The right approach to success is the opposite of greed, that is love, integrity and compassion. I can not stress this enough – compassion to differences.

Shift in consciousness is deepening more and more every day. We see change taking place towards benevolence in different cultures, customs, paradigms. People are becoming kinder and more gentle in reacting to and acting on things that are new, strange and different. What seemed abnormal only 50 years ago, like basic human rights, is a normality today. It shouldn’t and won’t stop there.

I believe integrity is sharing the results of success internally and externally. Whatever benefits one person is a benefit to all. Collaboration, contrary to competition, is useful and empowering for individuals as well as humanity altogether. It’s almost impossible to grasp what could be accomplished, if instead of working against each other trying to bring others down, to shine brighter, we would work together lifting each other even higher. What if in schools children were taught that the person next to you is not your competition but your partner? This would allow great breakthroughs to become more frequent, easy and fluent.

The gentle way to react to resistance and rejection is with integrity, smile, balance, benevolence, kindness and positive attitude. Everyone has patterns of automatic reactions based on past events, feelings and situations. It’s said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results. Therefore to change ourselves, and through that the world, we need to tackle our automatic answering machine to gain a choice benevolence.

Nevertheless, for keeping focus, leadership is needed. And the leader is to apply a formula of benevolence that guides the company to where it naturally wants to grow. When all these paradigms are applied by the leader, a big step is taken toward discovering the formula of benevolence. The speed of change depends on how quickly people are willing to accept and integrate new paradigms. EU is a good example of how the humankind wishes to become more united. If nations, who have been enemies for hundreds of years, can come together for the mutual benefit of unity, anything is possible.

Awareness of human potential is rising as more and more people wake up to see their magnificence. Since birth, we are taught to be afraid. Feeling that the world is a dark and dangerous place, where we, as small insignificant pawns, are unable to do anything, is oppressing human potential. Most fears are based on lies. Lies that we have heard over and over so many times that they become our core beliefs. These false beliefs may be ‘’I’m not good enough, smart enough. I don’t deserve happiness’’ and so on. Thus, such lies keep us from realizing and claiming our full potential.  Well, fear, which is an outcome of the lies, is often False Evidence Appearing Real. Human beings are born perfect. When we recognize ourselves as such, we start to see perfectness in others as well.

Acting with joy instead of fear enhances us to live longer. Being happy, smiling, laughing changes our biochemistry in a way that we become more balanced and healthier. Fear on the contrary paralyses all willpower and weakens our immune system. Trusting oneself, good intent and feeling joy while doing things will result in living longer and healthier.


It is my intent to apply this way of thinking to SprayPrinter, inside and out.



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