In my last blog post, I wrote about securing rounds with Estonian angel investors. The aim was to draw the spotlight on the bottlenecks of this whole situation. I explained why it seems to me there is no “smart money” for us in Estonia. So it was an extremely lucky chance that we won a pitching battle at TechChill in Riga some time ago. As a prize, we got a business trip to Silicon Valley with a full agenda and meetings.


And now I am here with Mihkel, the mastermind behind SprayPrinter.

Anyway, we are taking the max out of this trip. For example, we went to a startup event called Launch Festival. It is the biggest startup festival in San Francisco. I had applied for the founder’s pass beforehand, but Mihkel didn’t have a ticket. Well, that usually doesn’t pose a problem for us. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, they say.




We started sprayprinting in front of the building. We chose to go with a portrait of Jason Calacanis. He is the most successful angel investor of all time. For example, he was the guy who helped Uber get out of the garage. And he is  also the creator of this very same festival. The aim of this event is to shed the spotlight on unannounced startups.




Anyway, at some point his brother went by. He took a picture of us and sent it to Jason. And he also gave Mihkel one ticket. Jason came outside and looked at the portrait. I asked if we could take a picture with him.

He replied:

“I’m gonna do something better. I’ll send somebody from staff to bring you to the main stage.”

You can see what happened on that stage from this video:



After coming off the stage, the moment reminded me of the TV-show “Silicon Valley”. That particular episode where the VC-s came with their business cards.

We were also invited to a dinner together with Jason and other investors. Jason said SprayPrinter is cool and he wants to invest in it. So did the other investors.

And every day since has been full of meetings.

We decided to take the max out of this trip. So far it has already been beyond anything we could have hoped for.




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