I have been interested in image processing for years now. The thing I like about it is that one can visualize all the formulas. You get a feel for it once you understand it and try it out. So a few months ago I started talking to guys here at SprayPrinter about some cool algorithms they should try. And now I am writing software here. I love working in a startup.

Image processing – this kind of thing.

Something I made for a hobby project || Median filter - pure magic if you ask me

We want the users to be able to make printable designs based on any input image. Eventually you can do this right in the mobile app. But we have the first version of the software done and we are making it available on the website. The app is very simple at the moment, but you can create many different designs with it, ranging from stylized stencils to photorealistic dithered images.


An important thing to mention is that it’s not fully automatic. It’s not meant to be. It’s one tool for the user to create art. The program has no idea whether the result looks nice, so you have to decide that for yourself.

Everyone should be able to use it, but experience with the app enables you to create better designs. So we suggest trying it out and playing with the app using different images. First check out the introduction page though.

The look and feel of the program may be familiar. The filters used are common image processing methods that you can access in most graphics editors such as Photoshop and GIMP. We just integrated and customized the algorithms for the specific purpose of making SprayPrinter designs. You can see the results in real time and try out tons of different settings with little effort.


The app is specifically developed to be used with SprayPrinter, but that doesn’t mean you have to use it just for that. You can use it without logging in and download a ZIP file containing the result image. Feel free to use it to add filters to your Facebook profile pic (I did) or make stencils for example.

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  1. Francois

    Wow that is awesome! Can’t wait to get hands on my own printer. Already prepared a whole collection of designs with the new app. That is so cool!

  2. Gogo

    Looks good, but doesn’t work on iOS (yet).

    • SprayPrinter

      We are working to bring it to the mobile app, but currently it is only available on the web.

  3. Simple user interface and fun results, can’t wait to get hands on with the SprayPrinter!

  4. Marcus

    Super! Great work guys!

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