The Start of a Mountainous Collaboration: SprayPrinter meets MTN



In our last blog post, I spoke about my trip to Barcelona where I met the representatives of MTN – the best spray paint manufacturer in the world.




Well, we went there again together with SprayPrinter’s production engineer Henry and inventor Mihkel.


We met with the management team of MTN. This time, their CEO was also there. The moment he saw what SprayPrinter was capable of, his eyes lit up. It seemed to me we were a perfect match.




A few years ago, MTN was the first spray paint manufacturer to come up with high-quality, water-based paints.




This enables spray paints to be used indoors where they haven’t been used before. SprayPrinter broadens that perspective even more. Usually, creating a piece of art with spray paint requires previous practice and skills, but SprayPrinter offers a new superpower to those who lack this know-how.




MTN has already developed a SprayPrinter cleaning liquid for us. This time we tested the first samples of the special SprayPrinter spray paint that MTN developed for us.


You can watch the results of the first test here:

I was positively shocked. And these were just the first samples.

A large part of our development has focused on getting the pixels under control. And now it was proven that this can be done with paint. More than that, in addition to getting a better control over the pixel size, the shape of the pixels is also adjustable with these new paints.
Production Engineer Henry:
When we were testing the new paints, I saw that the potential of SprayPrinter is far greater. We might even have to re-adjust SprayPrinter a little so it could print big and small pixels. What I can say is that the reality moved a step closer to the overall vision.




Inventor Mihkel:
I have been closely related to the world of street art for over a decade and have seen different substrates sprayed from a pressurized container, not all of them can be called spray paint. MTN’s paint is the best out there, therefore I was really excited to hear that we will start cooperation with them. Soon I meet the executives of all departments, including the CEO of the 200 worker company, mr. Jordi Rubio Rocabert. He guided MTN out of verge of bankruptcy after another company copied their identity in what was an epic saga of court battles.






The meeting was a 100% success. As we walked out of the headquarters, we were all holding big smiles on our faces. Richard was also holding his notebook with a sketch of the cooperation plan and I was also holding a 500ml spraycan marked as sample “A”, freshly brewed in MTN’s paint lab. The sample “A” was the main reason I attended the meeting and it is the first step towards SprayPrinter’s very own special paint. We only recently started testing different mixes, but already we have a sample that can shoot pixels 20cm from surface without any loss in dot size and this is only one of the features we are developing.


Closing deals and shaking hands with them was not the only self-expansion we did.




Just like the last time we met MTN in Spain, we went mountain-climbing this time. MTN (Montana) means “mountain” in spanish, so it was only fitting.

Henry is already a seasoned pro, for me it was my second time.

We met some of Henry’s friends, they kindly offered us to sleep in their camping van. Thanks!




In the mountains, we conquered one track. Mountains are an excellent opportunity for a person to experience himself from a different perspective. They do make you feel small. But if you treat them with respect, they are your friends.






MTN will switch us into their retail network. Once that happens, the users of SprayPrinter can order paint straight from us and these will be delivered to their home by the next day.

To sum it up, SprayPrinter and MTN are useful tools for each other. For us, this collaboration means we are able to serve a global market.

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