A visit to Sänk’s art studio

thumbSitting in the office we constantly argue about how the final user will work with SprayPrinter. One of these conversations ended with us packing the SprayPrinter and going to visit our friend Sänk in his art studio.

Sänk is the guy to talk to if you want to decorate your interior or exterior walls with funky animals or beautiful landscapes, this year he is celebrating 20 years of doing graffiti. We gave him the printer and started the visual examination. At first he picked a tag with his and his crew name to print on the wall. „Too slow! I’d be caught by the police by that time“ he laught. Yes, we agree – SprayPrinter isn’t good for tagging. But what is it good for? Sänk decided that it can be a good tool for marking the proportions of large scale murals he often does in summer. Then he started to sprayprint the next design he had prepared. It was an illustration of a cap, the nozzle you put on a spray can that has become a huge symbol in graffiti scene.

Somewhere half way done he started to experiment printing from different angles and distances to test the limits of this new device. He discovered quite a lot new tricks we hadn’t thought of. For example when printing from the distance you can do big messy blobs to fill the background in a vivid way. Or make cool dotted lines using the printer in free mode. Sänk started to see different possibilities : “next time I want to try doing an image by mixing freehand with sprayprinting”. We are really satisfied with SprayPrinter’s first artist visit and hope to do something like this more often.

Sänk signing his work with SprayPrinter


  1. arlie hammons

    I’ve not invested yet. First, brilliant idea. Question, can I do my own artwork and load it into your application? Why format must the artwork be in? and how it it loaded. What kind of paint do I need and is it readily available in the US? I’m located in the Washington DC area. And is the expected delivery date still December 2016?

  2. Aet

    Hello, Arlie! Thank you for your kind words!

    You can definitely load your own artwork into our application. To be precise, you can upload your files to use them yourself or even sell your artwork through the app . The file should be in raster graphics (png file for example). You need spray paint, we have used Montana 94 water based paints mostly, but it works with others spray paints as well and yes, these are available in the US. You are correct, the expected delivery date is December 2016.

    If you have any further questions, certainly do not hesitate to ask them. You can also sign up to our newsletter on our webpage to get more detailed information on the progress or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

  3. Hey am Dan Paterson am making a website for a museum about the spray paints used.!

    Dan Paterson

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