Paradigm Shifts

SprayPrinter is engineered for art. For me, the definition of art is creative energy in action. Our mission is to give new power to good intent. We wish to see our environment through creative energy in action.

How to Hack Tech Events

We don’t have an enormous budget to spend and we don’t have that much manpower either. This means we have to be clever. So far, we have attended around 10 big international tech events with SprayPrinter, so here are some examples of how we have stood out at these events.

Tech update

First video post in our blog! 🙂 I will show you different prototypes and tell about ideas I have had during the development process. There is also an update about shipping for Indiegogo early birds.

A visit to Sänk’s art studio

Sitting in the office we constantly argue about how the final user will work with SprayPrinter. One of these conversations ended with us packing the SprayPrinter and going to visit our friend Sänk in his art studio.